Houston Home Remodeling - Handicap & Disability Modifications

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Houston Remodeling – Commercial Accessibility Solutions

The most crucial aspects of the commercial renovation process begins long before the project gets started, with good planning, strong project management, experienced tradespeople, and cooperative efforts. Our remodeling staff understands the unique challenges you face as a business owner, and we work to help overcome them.

We focus on getting the job done on time and within budget, all while minimizing any downtime on your part. We work with you so that you can remain open and your business attractive to your clients. Whether you are planning to remodel a store, office, restaurant, or other business in the Houston, Texas, area, we can help.

We understand this is a substantial investment for you, which is why we provide you with the most accurate estimate possible on an office build out or renovation, restaurant renovation, commercial kitchen remodeling, commercial bathroom remodeling, and more. You can rely on our skill and experience as we provide on-site estimates, share preliminary concepts, and draw up a detailed budget that can allow you to better control your costs ahead of time.

Creating an accessible commercial area is vital, and we can help you make any necessary accessibility modifications, from wheelchair ramps and stair lifts to bathroom modifications and wider doorways. A barrier free workplace or commercial enterprise can make your business more attractive to seniors and those with disabilities and even help reduce fall risks.

Contact Astrum Healthcare to talk to our commercial construction and Houston barrier free remodeling experts today to learn more about our commercial interior makeovers and modifications services.

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