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Handicap Remodeling

Houston Handicap Remodeling – Disability Modifications

Accidents happen, and aging is a natural part of life. Making your home barrier free and more accessible can keep you and your loved ones safer both now and in the future. Traditionally, homebuilders have made renovations that considered only the short-term functionality of a home. Astrum Healthcare considers your long-term and potentially life changing needs and works with you as you make your home more beautiful, functional, and safe.

We offer a full range of home disability remodeling services, including:

  • Wheelchair ramps – We build channel ramps, threshold ramps, or custom ramps specifically for your unique needs.
  • Stair lifts – Stair lifts allow you to access all levels of your home comfortably and safely
  • Ceiling lift systems – Ceiling lift and transfer systems dramatically improve mobility for both the individual who is disabled as well as for their primary caregiver.
  • Bathroom modifications – Grab bars, transfer seats, roll-in showers, shower seats, and lowered sinks with single-lever faucet controls can all make your bathroom easier and more comfortable to use.
  • Kitchen remodeling – Lowered cabinets, drop leaves and pullout shelves, easier access to workspace and switches will make your kitchen more user friendly and efficient.
  • Door widening – If you or a loved one uses a walker, a mobility scooter, or a wheelchair, you will appreciate wider doorways that offer more comfortable maneuvering throughout your home.

We have extensive experience in renovating and modifying homes to make them more accessible for seniors, those with disabilities, and their loved ones. Contact our Houston handicap remodeling experts today for an evaluation.

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