Houston Home Remodeling - Handicap & Disability Modifications

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Catheter Supply – A urological catheterization supply company carrying a range of sizes and materials such as latex, Teflon and silicone. They work closely with you to decide which items will best fit your needs. Also they can fill small or bulk orders for your personal or nursing facility needs.

Intermittent Catheter – They  can help you locate the ostomy and urological supplies that best meet your professional or personal needs, and they will fill individual or bulk orders. Contact AA Supply Solutions today to learn more about their products or to place your online order for medical supplies.

Self Catheterization – Intermittent self-catheterization can help people who suffer from urological issues such as urinary retention or incontinence to safely control urinary symptoms. AA Supply Solutions can fill both individual and professional catheter supply orders.

Urinary Catheter – AA Supply Solutions has a wide range of ostomy and catheter supplies for personal or professional use. They sell medical supplies individually or in bulk and can help with your male or female catheterization needs.

Houston Complex Rehab Equipment – Active American understands that mobility is more than just the need for a wheelchair.  Their certified specialists are trained in seating, mobility equipment, and home modifications.  Active American assesses all of your accessibility needs.

Houston Handicap Remodeling – It is important for everyone to feel free and safe. By offering modifications for stairs, narrow doorways, bathrooms, kitchens and front steps their Houston handicap remodeling team can help you enjoy freedom of movement throughout your home.

Houston Medical Equipment – DME retail and rental divisions consist of three fully equipped store locations, each with a large array of medical equipment, for sale or rent wheelchairs and other Complex Rehab related items. Active American Mobility is able to fill virtually every medical equipment requirement.

Houston Wheelchair – Durable Medical Equipment retail and rental divisions that consist of three fully equipped stores, each store has a large selection of medical equipment, wheelchairs and additional Complex Rehab related items.

Texas Custom Wheelchair – Active American Mobility is committed to improving the life of each person entrusted into their care. They are dedicated to patient education and a cohesive process with each patients entire healthcare team.

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